The Rotary Club of Barnet and the Rotary Club of Hendon joined forces recently to provide an outing for senior disabled and housebound members of the community at the Mill Green Golf Club near Welwyn Garden City. It was a great outing for 38 people. The three course lunch was excellent and appreciated by all. Past President Aziz Jetha coordinated all with the Rotary Club of Barnet and told the club what a splendid affair it was.  

The President of the Rotary Club of Barnet, Dr Ian Johnston chatting with a guest.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is the traditional and well-known face of Rotary. It covers help and advice to the aged, the handicapped, the infirm, young people and all those in need, either direct or through local charitable organizations.  

In the last year, The Rotary Club of Hendon was able to make many financial contributions to some grassroot charitable organizations in our Borough.  

We welcome applications for particular needy cases