Dementia Club UK session at the Hendon Town Hall.

Another thrilling day at the Dementia Club UK session at the Hendon Town Hall.
Members arrived feeling the spring in the air. Refreshments were served. 
Charlyn our volunteer from Rotary Club of Hendon was at hand to lead as the Bingo caller. Members, Carers and Volunteers all enjoyed the Bingo session; this was followed by an exercise session lead by the enigmatic Eon who took us all through our paces. 

For the first time we welcomed Dennis a seasoned musician to Dementia Club UK- Hendon Town Hall. Dennis performed different genre of music to the delight members, carers and volunteers who also danced, sang along with so much pleasure.

A special thanks goes out to volunteers from Rotary Club of Hendon, Charlyn, Eugenia, Alex and Francesca, Lisa and Mark Rutter were also present to support the group as usual.

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