Report from Rotarian Dr-Rita Nwokeji of Hendon Club following her polio immunization trip to India.

Few days before we set out to India, we received a disappointing message that the manufacturers could not deliver the vaccine for the immunization. We had already paid for our flight and boarding. I nearly called it off but on second thought I decided to join others who could not be beaten by such disappointment.
We all decided to go anyway, to see the projects. The Bhiwadi immunization was now postponed till March 10th 2019.

One of our team members connected with a District Governor in Ghaziabad, a town far away from Bhiwadi. We were invited to come and take part in the immunization.

There were many children in the make-shift camp. The children and parents were happy to see us. They were willing to be immunized. We now took the opportunity to immunize and interact with them. It was a heart breaking scene seeing that the children lived in a make-shift homes without electricity or water. The environment was not fit for human habitation. The children do not go to school and parents are illiterates.

The children and their parents could hardly speak English language so we had our tour guides interpreting for us. What struck me most was that the children and their parents were happy in-spite of their poor condition.
The moral lesson here for me is that people can be happy with little money and the difference Rotary is making in peoples lives around the world. Rotary District 1130

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